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Amber Marie

As one of the most recognized breed merchandisers in the UK, as well as having one of the most bustling and engaging VIP groups within my industry, I have made it my aim to make it as easy as possible for my dream customer to not only find me, but also make the ordering process as simple as I can.

After enrolling in Handmade Alpha Academy in 2018, I have grown from strength to strength, perfecting my product line and honing my audience, so much so that I now supply printed items such as cards, mugs and gifts to many UK shops, online retailers and even Breed Societies for the Kennel Club.

If you happen to come across my empty desk, which is a very rare occasion…. I’ll probably be waiting for the kettle to boil! Coffee in hand, it’s a perilous journey back up the stairs to the studio, having to dodge a minefield of squeaky toys, as well as a Corgi attacking my socks!

Starla Moore

As one of the world's leading Etsy YouTubers and business coaches, sharing my knowledge of marketing and brand psychology with thousands of "Handmade Alphas" across the globe is my mission.

When I'm not speaking live at events and local colleges, I'm usually "nerding out" with my team at eRank.com, where I spend much of my time helping Etsy sellers with SEO tools and strategy.

On top of all that, I'm also an active Etsy seller and personal training coach at the Handmade Alpha Academy (learn more about it here).