In this 24-minute free Etsy SEO workshop, coach Starla will teach you the mechanics of Etsy's search ranking criteria, and how to use the 6 steps of the scientific method to optimize your Etsy shop for Etsy SEO success.

What you'll learn...


What is Etsy SEO?

To move forward together, it’s important that we all start on the same page. That’s why in our first chapter, we’ll answer the question, “What is Etsy SEO?” After we cover the core foundational basics, we’ll talk about the scientific tools every Etsy seller should have in their arsenal in order to succeed.


What influences search ranking on Etsy?

Etsy SEO isn't the only way to increase your visibility and traffic. In Chapter Two, we will discuss the seven factors that you can directly influence in order to positively impact your search ranking in order to be seen by more shoppers.


How does Etsy search ranking work?

In this chapter, we will be taking a deep dive into the Etsy SEO machine as we break down the specific criteria Etsy uses in order to rank listings in search.


How can sellers compete in saturated niches?

In this chapter, we'll be breaking down the number one SEO secret of big Etsy shops. Then, we will cover Starla's A-B-C method to compete with even the biggest Etsy shops - even if you're a total newbie.


How to apply the Scientific Method to Etsy SEO?

In the last chapter, Starla will guide you through the 6 steps of the scientific method, while sharing actionable steps that will help you to perform scientific SEO research. Then, you will learn how to analyze your results in order to continue your journey of Etsy SEO growth.


Who is the instructor of this workshop?

Starla Moore is an Etsy veteran and founder of the Handmade Alpha Academy for Etsy sellers. She is also a manager at eRank.com, Etsy's most popular SEO tool. Over the last 10 years, Starla has utilized her background in human psychology to educate handmade sellers using memorable and engaging methods that help even the hardest of concepts to stick. In 2020, Starla was recognized by Business Insider as one of the leading authorities in the Etsy Coaching community.

What other free content does Starla provide?

At the end of your workshop, you'll be provided with a list of additional free trainings and tools that Starla has personally crafted for you. You can also join Starla every Friday on her YouTube channel, where she answers Etsy, SEO, and marketing questions live.

What is a "Flex workshop"?

A "flex workshop" is an online presentation that is pre-recorded and does not require a scheduled meeting time. This means that, as long as you bookmark the workshop link, you can revisit Starla's workshop at any time to re-watch.

How is this workshop different from all of the other online Etsy webinars I see advertised?

In many cases, Etsy coaches will use the promises of a "free webinar" in order to sell you a service or program, without actually providing you with any value during their presentation. The Science of Etsy Success Workshop contains no sales pitches, nor will you be asked to purchase anything at the end of the program. Bottom line - if you enjoy Starla's free program, she knows you'll look into her paid content on your own time if you're interested.

Learn the mechanics of Etsy Success,

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