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Need help with Etsy SEO? Here's a noodle bar of everything you need.

Etsy SEO is one of the hardest aspects of running a successful shop - but it doesn't have to be!

This free Etsy SEO toolbox contains a collection of resources to help you understand how Etsy's algorithm works, pitfalls to avoid, and step-by-step guides that will teach you exactly how to do Etsy SEO and keyword optimization.


P.S. Did I mention it's 100% free?

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Here's what's on the menu...

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Detailed Tutorials

Learning how to do Etsy SEO is hard! This collection of resources are easy to understand and laid out in the order that coach Starla Moore personally recommends for successful Etsy keyword optimization.

Major Time Savers

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, scrolling through countless YouTube videos that all contradict themselves? The Etsy SEO Noodle Bar contains everything you need to know in order to gain an understanding of Etsy keyword research, without the "fluff".

This collection of Starla's very best tutorials will save you countless hours of research!

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Advanced Etsy SEO Tips

After learning Starla's proven Etsy SEO strategy, you'll be given additional resources to help you decide if your Etsy SEO is working, increase your Etsy search ranking, and track the overall conversion of your listings.

Deliciously Accurate

While many Etsy SEO "gurus" teach anecdotal evidence that isn't scientifically conclusive (or helpful to all sellers), Starla Moore is the leading coach in Etsy SEO, and a manager at eRank.com, Etsy's most popular SEO tool.

All trainings that Starla provides are tested, proven, and based on Etsy's best practices and real data.

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30 Days of eRank PRO

In order to do Etsy SEO, you'll need a great Etsy SEO tool to complete your keyword research.

Included with the Etsy SEO Noodle Bar, Starla is providing a free 30-Day eRank PRO subscription (normally $9.99/mo)!

Learn everything you need to know in order to keyword optimize your Etsy listings using the world's leading Etsy SEO tool, totally free!

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Starla’s Etsy SEO skills and understanding of branding are exceptional and combined with her drive, integrity, and desire to help others succeed, she is my first pick for Etsy coach.

— eRank CEO, Anthony Wolf

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Ready to learn how to do Etsy SEO?

Sign up for instant access to the Etsy SEO'oodles Noodle Bar and start your keyword optimization journey!

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My name is Starla Moore

I'm one of the world's leading Etsy YouTubers and business coaches, sharing my knowledge of marketing and brand psychology with thousands of "Handmade Alphas" across the globe.

When I'm not speaking live at events and local colleges, I'm usually nerding out with my team at eRank.com where I spend much of my time helping Etsy sellers with SEO tools and strategy.

On top of all that, I'm also an Etsy seller, author, social media marketing strategist, and training coach at the Handmade Alpha Academy.